Ashes and orchids

Over the course of two nights we realized and illustrated the creative narrative of the You Are So Lucky summer festival. With “of orchids and ashes” we delved into apollonian and dionysian philosophies. We created opposing courts and performed interactive and immersive rituals, drawing from various cultures’ rituals that surround death and transformation. Each court included a host of performance styles, from hand balancers and acrobatics to juggling flaming torches, and created a codified behavioral “language” that audiences could learn. An additional team was solely dedicated to bringing the larger audience into the story, all without speaking a word.

IMG_5751 2.jpg

temptation and consequence

For Halloween 2017, we worked with the underground impresarios of You Are So Lucky to bring individual rooms and entire floors to life. Building upon the narrative of Temptation and Consequences, we created a system of markings guests could earn as they journeyed through the space, moving closer to a final, unknown judgement. From ritual bathing in rose petals, to wax play, to epicurean confessionals, we crafted multi-sensory experiences that could be metamorphic for those who engaged, and beautiful to behold for those who didn’t.